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March 18, 2010


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I really enjoyed your post. I usually don't think of a dome when I am meditating. I will think of my aura and sometimes a bubble, but the dome is nice and the affirmations were great. Thank you for the idea. I'll try it tomorrow. I really liked this quote, "Your sacred heart is the fulcrum, the middle, the epicenter of your whole being." I never really thought of that. Thanks again.
Namaste, Sherry

Dear Sherry,

Thanks much for your input and thanks. And I thank you.

How intesting that you love the double dome visualization. I have found it one of the most complete and satisfying and healing meditations and visualizations I ever have done. It brings me a sense of wholeness and grounding and balance that is unique.

Also, the heart being the epicenter and fulcrum was one of the key experiences and ideas that I wanted to embody in this sharing. Several others have commented on the appropriateness of this.

And like all of you, I had never thought of it in this way until recently. Just goes to show how much we dont really know, but is now opening up to all of us with the 4th horse coming.

Thanks again. Be well!

Love in action,


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