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November 26, 2011


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We share and celebrate your joyous return home and also Phillel's 60th birthday, another wonderful special occasion. Many manifestations of Onenes even at this stage, certainly for all participating with you in this SAM. Strong connections and awareness of feelings, concerns and even discomforts, alongside with the reception of forceful energies and activation of chakra centers. Colombia certainly needed and needs our healing energies as government and guerilla's unsettlement are resurfacing; only South American country currently going through this crisis. Amazing unfolding of events described in this 101, symbolic of the great changes we are all experiencing, consciously or unconsciously. All this confirmed by strong defined correlations that I feel are not privy of a few, but of many. The effect of the high influx of energies into our planes, focused on South America and sorroundings, cannot but achieved the rebirthing of our I Am Selves and much more. We rejoice, we are grateful, and we remain in the light, being participants of the continuous ripple effects that this South America Mission has unfolded. We invite you, those that have not commented, to share at least a short comment, a line (if you have not done so already), confirming our interconectedness and acknowledging the success of the SAM and gratefulness to Robert and MariLyn for a wonderful work and indepth continuous sharing. How much we have learned from you and with you dear ones! Thank you.....As we give, we will receive and as we receive we shall be giving...cosmic law. Blessings to all.

Hello everyone, I have to apologize since the comments posted at 8:15am today (shown above) really belong to 101:87. What happened? Only comes to mind that Mercury is in retrogade mode so, communication does get mixed up during this period starting Nov. 23 ending Dec. 13??? Now I am ready to post a comment on 101:88, "a magnificent One":

Reading this 101:88 I feel the influx of both, physical and spiritual energies and knowledge. The way things are described, triggers a feeling of being in a movie theater watching an interesting and uplifting 3-D movie, of which I feel a participant. How wonderfully written and depicted this historical events are served to us (manna) in this multicolored platter. Again, I invite you all to carefully read this 101:89. It has a powerful message for you and me and all. If you do and try, maybe in meditation, to place yourself or identify with "history" recounted here by Robert - you might, as I did, resonate and come closer to positioning yourself within the whirlwind of past lives or possible roles in other Eras. This is a subtle message from Spirit through Robert and MariLyn for us to do so....Notice how Robert has gone out of his way and has delved in emotions of past and present (becoming a medical doctor) self experiences, tying both, to show us the magnitude of our existence. Certainly there are among us those who have already passed this threshold - so it is for those like me, that are in many aspects - still discovering and walking towards...slowly but surely...to what I term "my divinity" or as Robert writes, my coming full circle into the light.

In visualizing and keeping track of time (your schedule), we have remained connected until your landing in Atlanta, Robert and MariLyn, supporting your intense work as much as possible. Here we add some EXTRA comments on Panama: (a small country very devoted to Sol-O-Man/Mary and with heighten spiritual attributes). It was your "touch down"-landing area, going and coming (2 stops), acting as the hinge for uniting male-female polarities at the beginning of the SAM and at the end, contributing again, to conduct magnetic polarity shifts gathered during the extent of the Mission, when South and North America become united anew, as described by Dr. Hannibal in a recent channeling. Also Panama acted as a bridge, contributing with its high self and light energies to unite the physical to the spiritual in South and North America; one of the roles of the "Third eye of the Hemisphere" mentioned by Nada. THIS IS PART #1. MORE COMMENTS IN PART #2 FOCUSING ON ARCHANGEL MICHAEL INVOLVEMENT. Thanks for reading on. Blessings.

COMMENTS - PART #2 101:88

As for Lord Michael's presence while the aircraft approached and flew over Miami, relating to the time of this happening, I can share that I was going through a series of strong emotions while writing down meditative comments and focusing in the end phase and results of the South American Mission,
for all involved; above and below. This is a clear and concise depiction of the Atlantean karmic implications; rejoicing on the fact that Lord Michael showed Dr.Robert this huge etheric new thought form of unity and oneness over Miami, encompassing all of North and South America, and that he had come to pin down. What better good news than this. The explanation and analogy of the "physical wound to the body that had created a "hole", and its reconstructive healing through the grafting process", Dr. Robert is in a position, as a medical doctor, to clearly convey to us the procedure, effects and results of such a "surgery" that Lord Michael performed in the Miami area, representing Atlantis. Thank you!! With all this, a new higher thought form has been pinned down and attached to the souls of all in the Western Hemisphere....Wow!! All has been shown to us in a crystal clear fashion. It is done! The new thought form: we receive and embrace, as it
is shared by the anchoring energies throughout North, Central and South America (including the Caribbean islands which are seen clearly now, as those particles of lands that were disseminated (went under) when separation took place from mainland Miami/Atlantis and/or sorroundings, which includes Cuba whose citizens have gravitated in masses to Miami over the years and still do.?? As per the other islands, as we recognize them today, they are a mixture of influences and some still "belonging" to European countries like Spain, England, France and Holland, who saw an opportunity to acquire more land and power in the area with scattered land, and maybe, just maybe, with lingering or helpless consciousnesses present in these places). Maybe all this, an analogy too??

Our work continues, and... we visualize healing taking place as we meditate, pray and affirm with love and faith; that true unity and integration in this latter times have TRIUMPHED in the Western Hemisphere. As we do this around the world as One, guided by Spirit, we, at a personal level are also healing from within,
the great rebirth process of our I Am Self through this grafting-healing process in action.....So it is! Again, spirit is King and to God be the glory. What a wonderful gift we have received today with this Oneness 88 = 16 = (7). Spirit in Action for the Uplifting of All. Amen.

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