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Strength Throne in Cerebrum

Strength Throne in Cerebrum

Possible Location of Cerebral Strength Throne: Faith and strength are principally mental faculties. Faith functions on the positive pole of the faith-strength team and reflects the masculine, active, positive knowing of our Father God. Strength expresses the feminine, receptive, passive pole of Mother God. Trying to use current language to explain the subtle differences in these two faculties is problematic. One way to describe them simply is that faith is the active, perceiving power; whereas strength is the passive, receiving power. Faith is above and within. Strength is below and without.

Each of our 12 powers has a particular center or throne in the cerebrum. It is as if the whole cerebrum is composed of 12 separate, but interconnected computer centers. Neuroanatomists call these modules.

The location of the faith and strength centers in the cerebrum, however, currently is not clear. Given that modern scientists have little or no interest in, or knowledge of, faith and strength, and given that they define them in mortal, limited terms (if at all), very little research gives us a clue as to where the faith and strength thrones exist.

What 21st century neuroscientists do agree upon is that all of the so-called cognitive (mental) processing centers of the cerebrum are in the left and right parietal lobes. Each of these contain Brodman areas 3, 1 & 2 (which are for the sense of touch); and Brodman areas 5, 7, 39 and 40.

I already have discussed the preliminary evidence that faith may function primarily through 5 & 7. If that is true, then strength, being another primarily mental, cognitive faculty, probably functions through Brodman areas 39 and/or 40. In neuroanatomical terms, these are called "association areas" where one takes the information gathered by the five senses and computes and makes sense of it, partly by associating it with past knowledge. Areas 39 and 40 are located between well-defined and delineated areas for four of the five senses: vision in 17,18,19; touch in 3, 1, 2; taste in 43; hearing in 41, 42, 22.

However, given the fact that adjoining cerebral centers for muscles (power) and touch (understanding) have an upside down schematic (we'll see this later when covering these 2 powers), it may be that faith actually is in area 40 and strength is above it in areas 5 & 7. (Perhaps the two intermingle in some unknown way.) Area 39 may be part of the cerebral throne for understanding.

As you can deduce from this short discussion, much more research needs to be done before we can delineate where faith and strength externalize in their thrones in the cerebrum. That they are located in the parietal lobes seems relatively certain. Beyond that is mostly hypothesis and speculation.