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LATERAL VIEW OF RIGHT CEREBAL HEMISPHERE: Charles Fillmore placed faith at the pineal gland. A more accurate designation is the cerebrum of the brain, which is the body's central computer. (For possible reasons as to why Fillmore chose the pineal, see the photo/drawing of this gland.)

The cerebrum is the uppermost part of the whole brain that is housed within the skull (other major brain structures include the thalamus, hypothalamus, brain stem and cerebellum). The cerebrum is composed of two cerebral hemispheres. All of our thoughts, feelings, memories and actions are programmed in and through the cerebral cells and circuits. Faith, as Fillmore wrote, is the perceiving power of the mind, and our cerebrum is our primary organ of perception. Via our cerebrum, we commune with God and perceive our oneness with Him-Her. Our cerebrum, inside our bony skull, is the rock of faith in our body.

Our conscious functions such as logic, analysis and reasoning work principally in and through our left cerebral hemisphere; whereas our subconscious functions of intuition, feelings and image formation work mostly via our right cerebral hemisphere. This reflects the divine law of polarity. God is. God is one and indivisible. In expression, however, God is Father and Mother, active and passive polarities. Our two-sided cerebrum reflects and expresses the masculine and feminine poles of God-Spirit-Being.

As part of the lateralization of cerebral functions, we monitor and control the left side of our body in the right cerebral hemisphere, whereas we regulate and govern the right side of our body via our left cerebral hemisphere. In symbolic terms, the right side of the body is considered the masculine or positive polarity, whereas the left side of the body represents the feminine or negative (receptive) polarity.

Neuroanatomists estimate that our entire brain has 100-300 billion neurons or cells. Each cell is composed of a cell body, usually a single axon, and 10,000-200,000 or more hairlike dendrites that carry nerve signals to other brain cells.

Our cerebrum is thought to have about half of the total number of brain cells. That puts it in the 50-150 billion neuron range.

Since the estimated range is so wide, and since there is no real way of knowing the absolute number of cells in the cerebrum, I have chosen the figure 144 billion cells in the cerebrum. This 144 billion number is both literal and symbolic. It is literal in that it falls within the estimated range of the total number of cerebral neurons. It is symbolic in that it is a multiple of the 144,000 cells that must be so fused with faith that they radiate Christ consciousness to all other cerebral cells.

The 144,000 figure likewse is literal and symbolic. It was first given in the "Book of Revelation" to designate the elect, made up of 12,000 members of each of 12 tribes of Israel. As a number of cells within the brain, this figure was given in the channeled messages through my teacher, Nada-Yolanda, of Mark-Age. See pages 47-48 in the text "Birth of the Light Body."

Just imagine: You only need to uplift 0.0000001% of your total number of cerebral neurons in order to electrify your whole cerebrum with Christ consciousness. This principle was given by Jesus when he said that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain to move, and it will move. In other words, you need only a tiny amount of faith to "move mountains" or perform seemingly miraculous acts. You need only a tiny amount of your total Christ faith to heal your cerebrum and your whole body.

A note of caution: Please do not get caught up in the details or the specifics of the 144,000 or 144 billion cells. Rather, see this as a cosmic, universal principle that is elucidated with numbers that help your understanding of it. Does it really matter if our cerebrum has 100 or 500 billion cells, or if we have to uplift 100,00 or 144,000 or more such cells to reach Christ consciousness? The numbers are not that important but rather the overall basic teaching carries the major impact.

Whether you understand the numbers, the pathways in the cerebrum, or other scientific facts, if you have the faith of a mustard seed, a tiny amount of pure, unadulterated faith, your cerebrum and whole body will be healed. Perceive it. Believe it. Be it.