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Circulatory system

Circulatory system

The power of love externalizes primarily by way of the circulatory system that includes the heart, the liver (mostly on right side of body), the spleen (on left), blood vessels, blood and the lymphatic system.

In his book "The Twelve Powers of Man," Charles Fillmore proposed that the correlating physical center for love was behind the heart. He gave no further explanation for this location. However, since he thought most of the power centers were "nerve centers," he may have thought that the nerve supply to the heart was behind it. Thus, he said that the love center was behind the heart.

As covered previously, all nerves come under the power of strength-stability-steadfastness. Every nerve has a similar function, serving as part of the body's nervous system, and therefore relates to strength. Therefore, nerves cannot relate also to all of the other 12 spiritual powers.

Furthermore, Fillmore made no mention in the Love Chapter that the liver, spleen, blood vessels, blood and lymphatic system correlate with love. Rather, he picked just one central location behind the heart. However, all of these organs are integral parts of the circulatory system, which carries blood throughout the body. Therefore, all of these organs come under the love aspect.

Finally, as to the order of the 12 disciples and when they were called, Fillmore apparently followed the order given in the Gospels. Therefore, he placed wisdom-judgment-justice before love. In "Birth of the Light" this order is reversed. Love is the third power and functions on the positive polarity, whereas wisdom-justice-judgment is the fourth power that functions on the passive, receptive polarity. (Fillmore said that love was feminine and wisdom was masculine.)

In all things spiritual and metaphysical, many possible interpretations and descriptions are possible. So, what Fillmore proclaimed about the love and wisdom is accurate in the sense in which he described it. However, as a spiritual scientist and truth student, we never can be bound by just one analysis or system. Always, we consider all facets of every principle and divine law.

Furthermore, Fillmore knew only a little anatomy and physiology. If he had studied this in greater depth and had the advantage of 21st century understanding, he would have concluded that in the body it is the love/circulatory system that acts on the positive pole, whereas wisdom-judgment-justice/endocrine system functions on the negative or passive or feminine pole.

For it is the circulatory system that actively pumps blood throughout the body. The endocrine glands secrete their hormones into the blood stream, which carries them to their target organs. With the prior positive action of love-circulation, wisdom-endocrine glands and their hormones would not be able to perform their function.