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Fillmore's 12 Powers Centers

Fillmore's 12 Powers Centers

The above drawing comes from page 14 of Charles Fillmore's brilliant, groundbreaking text, "The Twelve Powers of Man" that originally was published in 1930. On page 16 of this treatise, he describes the locations as follows:

1. Faith-Peter-center of brain
2. Strength-Andrew-loins
3. Judgment-James son of Zebedee-pit of stomach
4. Love-John-back of heart
5. Power-Philip-root of tongue
6. Imagination-Bartholomew-between the eyes
7. Understanding-Thomas-front brain
8. Will-Matthew-center front brain
9. Order-James, son of Alphaeus-navel
10. Zeal-Simon the Cananaen-back head, medulla
11. Elimination-Thaddeus-abdominal region
12. Life Conserver-Judas-generative functions

In this model, Fillmore follows a universal, cosmic principle: As within, so without; as above, so below. He postulates that as a child of God, we have 12 spiritual powers, each of which manifests and functions in and through a particular part of the body. However, he does not include all body organs and systems in this initial model. Thus, he makes no mention of the respiratory system, the muscular system, the skeletal system, the liver and spleen of the circulatory system, and several others. Thus, we can see that his model is a beginning exposition of the correlation of the powers throughout the whole body temple, and not a complete explanation. Apparently, he understood this, since he wrote on page 16: "The physiological designations of these faculties are not arbitrary--the names can be expanded or changed to suit a broader understanding of their full nature."

Fillmore gives no explanation of how he developed his model. Furthermore, he was not a scientist or a physician. Even if he had been, when he developed this treatise, many parts of the body, especially the brain, were understood only marginally. For example, no one knew the function of the pineal gland, thalamus or hypothalamus. Therefore, it would have been impossible for him to arrive at a full explanation of how the powers correlate with various organs and systems. In retrospect, it is amazing that he did locate most of the powers in the right general area, even though his explanations were incomplete or partly inaccurate.

Fillmore loved to explore science and medicine as ways to explain metaphysical truths and insights. Had he lived into the 21st century, he would have been the first to explore all of the new scientific and medical developments; and to adapt, revise and expand his treatise on the 12 Powers. As he said, he reserved the right to change his mind.

As a trained physician and healer, I, Robert Knapp, MD, have spent 40 years studying Fillmore's initial model of the 12 powers. I have had the benefit of higher spiritual insights given inspirationally through my spiritual teacher, Nada-Yolanda of Mark-Age (she made her transition in 2005). Moreover, I have explored everything available from current medical science. Thousands of case histories document my current teachings about the 12 Powers and their physical centers. I will share some of them throughout this year.

Please see pages 319-326 of my text "Twelve Powers in You", for an initial discussion of how, why and where I have changed and expanded Fillmore's correlation of the 12 powers with various parts of the body.

Throughout this year, each month that I cover a power, I will include drawings of, and more thorough discussions about, the correlating body organs/systems as I have given them in "Twelve Powers in You" and "Birth of the Light Body."

If you have comments or questions about any of this, please add them to the blog or email them directly to me.