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PHRENOLOGY: On page 16 of his text "The Twelve Powers of Man," Charles Fillmore writes: "Jesus, the I Am or central entity, has his throne in the top head, where phrenology locates spirituality. This is the mountain where he so often went to pray." In the drawing on page 13, two coronas or halos of light and energy are shown above the head, with the title I Am Christ in them. So, what does this mean?

No one can know for sure what Fillmore thought, realized or believed. After all, he gave no explanation whatsoever for the above statements, how he derived them, and why they made sense to him; or for the drawing and its centers.

What we do know is that phrenology was a popular pseudoscience in the 19th century, whose influence carried over into the early 20th century. It postulated that the brain is the organ of the mind. Mental faculties were said to function in and through 37 separate regions of the brain. If these faculties were well developed, then the corresponding region of the brain grew in size, so much so that it influenced the surrounding structure of the cranium or skull bones. A phrenologist believed he could feel the resulting bumps, protrusions, valleys and fissures of the skull and could analyze the character of a person from this bumpy roadmap.

Interestingly, the basic concept that mental faculties are located in, and primarily function through, various sites and centers of the cerebrum is one that has been proven by modern neuroscience, with its vaious types of brain scans.
Neuroanatomists know with great certainly, for example, where muscular action is governed, where the voice center is, where each of the five major senses send their information to be perceived and processed.

However, such modern scientific evidence disproves for the most part the map of the cerebrum that phrenologists used and promoted. Most of the 37 alleged locations of phrenology character traits do not correspond to what we know from 21st century neuroscience.

Furthermore, bumps and ridges on the cranium have been proven to have no relation whatsoever to the development of the underlying cerebral cortex. This is only true when there has been head trauma to particular sites, which causes trauma to the underlying brain tissue. Therefore, modern science considers phrenology to be inaccurate and false.

In Fillmore's day, however, phrenology was held in high repute, even by psychiatrists. Therefore, it only makes sense that Fillmore would refer to it in his attempt to locate the connecting point to the Christ or I Am Self. From the drawing, you can see that veneration, spirituality and hope all are located at the top central region of the head (note that these are all descripions of faith).

This may well have coincided with what Fillmore felt in his head when he communed with his overshadowing I Am or Christ Self. At times, meditators report such stimulation at the top central portion of their head.

Moreover, in Eastern spiritual teachings, the crown chakra is a power center that is located in the astral body (what some call the etheric double) at the top of the head. The crown chakra is referred to symbolically and pictorily as the 1000-petal lotus. With the opening of the crown chakra, one rises into I Am or Christ or cosmic consciousness.

The Holy Spirit or I Am Self pours down into our crown chakra and cerebrum, where we perceive its presence and program its truths into our cerebral computer. We also rise up our spine to our cerebrum, and then resurrect and ascend from there into our I Am or Christ Self. We perceive this ascent by way of our cerebral circuitry.

When we feel stimulation, acceleration, activation and opening of our crown chakra/brain, we may sense a pole of light that extends upward from the top central portion of our cerebrum. Other times we may feel like the top of our whole head has been cut open. When this stimulation occurs, we instinctly may place our hand(s) on the top center of our head to hold it down and in place. Fillmore may have had one or more such sensations when he focused on his faith faculty.

Thus, the crown chakra/cerebrum is the primary connecting point with our I Am or Christ Self, just as Fillmore, phrenology, medical science and eastern mysticism has postulated. The cerebrum also is rightly designated as being our faith center, because it is the body's primary organ of perception and computation. (It is true, however, that Spirit and our spiritual Self are all around and within and expressing through all of our 12 powers and their 12 corresponding organ/systems, and that even individual cells have perceiving power. Nonetheless, it is our cerebrum that is the principal or primary organ/site of the perceiving power of our faith faculty.)

Nonetheless, Fillmore located faith in the pineal gland. The pineal, however, is an endocrine gland, not an organ of perception. Therefore, the pineal comes rightly under the faculty of wisdom-judgment-justice. More explanation of this is given under the photo/drawing of the pineal gland.