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Director of Healing Haven, which researches, teaches and demonstrates the best of all proven methods for healing the whole person


Robert H. Knapp, MD, was born on April 9, 1946, in Dansville, New York. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester in 1968. He obtained his medical degree in 1972 from Upstate Medical School, Syracuse, NY; and trained there in psychiatry. In 1973, Dr. Knapp traveled to England to study radionics, color therapy, nutrition, magnetic therapy, distant healing and homeopathy. In the years since his spiritual awakening in 1967-68, he has meditated, practiced yoga, explored creative visualization, kept a dream journal, attended a Zen Buddhist center, and learned about acupuncture and various forms of pressure-point and other hands-on healing therapies.

After practicing holistic medicine for one year in Syracuse, he joined Mark-Age, Inc. in October 1974. Mark-Age is a spiritual-educational organization, which was located in Miami, FL from 1960 to1980, and in Davie/Ft. Lauderdale, FL from 1980 to 1999. The name Mark-Age refers to Jesus the Christ's prophecy that in the Latter Days, War of Armageddon or purification period, there will be signs in the skies and marks of the age that will signal the transition from an old age of material, mortal consciousness into a New Age of spiritual, I Am consciousness; a golden age of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

Mark-Age, Inc. comprises five divisions: University of Life, Centers of Light, I Am Nation News, I Am Network of Light, and Healing Haven. Dr. Knapp is Director of the Healing Haven division. The ascended master who is the etheric director of Healing Haven is Hilarion, who in his past lives incarnated as Plato, Paul the Apostle, and Charles Fillmore (co-founder of Unity School of Practical Christianity). Healing Haven researches, teaches and demonstrates the best of all tested and proven methods, orthodox and unorthodox, for healing mind, body and soul. Healing Haven does not treat individual patients/clients or have a clinic or hospital, but rather provides education and training for healers and other light workers.

In 1999, Mark-Age, Inc. moved its headquarters to Pioneer, TN, north of Knoxville, to establish the I Am Nation. This is a spiritual nation of, for and by the I Am Selves of all humanity. Everyone who loves God and loves one another is a citizen of this universal nation. Mark-Age, Inc. serves as a prototype of, and a headquarters for, the I Am Nation. Mark-Age, Inc. is the legal framework and functioning organizational structure, whereas the I Am Nation is the spiritual entity or state of consciousness that exists potentially everywhere around the world.

The primary purpose of Mark-Age/I Am Nation is to prepare for the Second Coming. This entails both the spiritual reawakening of everyone on Earth, and the redescent of Sananda, who in his last lifetime was Jesus the Christ.

Since 1975, Dr. Knapp has reseached, tested and verified the 12 Powers approach to healing the whole person. This first was presented in the 1920s by Charles Fillmore in his seminal text "The Twelve Powers of Man." In 1975, Nada-Yolanda, co-founder and co-director of Mark-Age, received an update called "Birth of the Light Body." Dr. Knapp provided the medical correlations of twelve spiritual powers with twelve organs, glands and/or systems. These twelve are: faith - cerebrum of brain; strength - spinal cord & nerves; love - heart & circulatory system; wisdom - pituitary & other endocrine glands; will - respiratory system; power - voice box, muscles & limbs; imagination - thalamus of brain; understanding - 5 physical senses; order - digestive system, skin & bones; zeal - hypothalamus and medulla; regeneration - reproductive system; and elimination - urinary system & colon.

In 1999, Dr. Knapp also co-authored the book "Twelve Powers in You" with Unity ministers David and Gay Lynn Williamson. This text presents the powers in a basic or introductory fashion, whereas "Birth of the Light Body" provides an in-depth, advanced discussion. Dr. Robert, David and Gay Lynn also produced a companion video called "Twelve Powers in You" that devotes 1/2 hour to each power. Also available from is a song tape, "I Am Golden Light"; a yearlong study program by David, "52 Weekly Lessons", that is geared primarily for presentation in churches; and a yearlong program for youth called "12 Powers for Children."

Dr. Robert has presented talks, lectures and workshops around the world. Email him to invite him to speak at your church or healing center.