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November 18, 2011


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So truthful this is....Lightworkers around the world contribute in different ways...What is of utmost importance is our envolvement one way or another to help pave the way for the Second Coming...ours and that of Sananada/Jesus. The times are appropiate for all...we are being given the opportunity as Dr. Robert mentioned in one of his first blog in preparation for this South America Mission: "Men, women and children of South America(and the world), be illumined and enlightened. Awaken spiritually and be the sons and daughters of God that you are. Let the blinders fall off of your eyes, just as they did when Saul converted to Paul on the road to Damascus. Let your ears open to hear the truth (we are one family created by One God). Be in touch with Spirit within, around and expressing through you." Blessings

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