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December 24, 2011


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Dear Robert,
Thank you for this lovely post. It brings a smile to me, for on the same day you posted this, I was singing with our gospel choir at a Christmas Eve afternoon service in the church where we rehearse. It included readings of the Christmas story of long ago, interspersed with our songs as well as carols sung with the congregation. As we sang these and listened to the readings from Luke, I was concentrating on and projecting the receiving of the Christ birth NOW, within myself, and within all present....into our hearts and souls....and with the divine love action and blessings of the 7th ray via Sol-O-Man Mary. It was very moving and real. It was all about the present, and about the growth of the Christ within for the future....and in time, the return of Sananda. Hallelujah!

In ancient times, it took a few days (about four) to realize that the sun had actually reversed its course in the heavens, hence the delay until Dec. 25 bringing about a cause for celebration. Just a thought...

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