Imagination 1: See & Be

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Starting Monday, June 28, 2021, and continuing for one week, we are going to concentrate on our I Am power of imagination that manifests via the third-eye chakra in the astral body as the thalamus that is located centrally just below the cerebrum. We are going to receive new I Am images with which we can harmonize our mind, body and soul; and heal humanity and the whole planet.    

Jesus' Apostle Nathanael Bartholomew portrayed this picturing power. The name Nathaneal means a reward from God, a gift instructed of God. This reward and gift is the ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers: clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. In particular, for this week, we will focus primarily on clairvoyance or clear seeing. What we see inwardly, will manifest outwardly in our physical form. We will see it and be it.

Bartholomew, the surname of Nathanael means one who is furrowed or prepared to receive the seed. With the purification, enhancement and implantation of the first six I Am powers -- faith, strength, love, wisdom, will and power -- we have prepared ourselves to receive the new I Am images that seed our consciousness in order for us to grow anew into full I Am consciousness, to be the Christ Self and light body that we truly are. As above, so below. As  within, so without.

Be Crystal Clear

Moreover, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are moving from the spring to the summer cycle of three months, in which we shall receive and birth new projects, new harmonizations, new ways in which are to put our imagination faculty into action. In the Southern Hemisphere, light workers are transiting from the fall to the winter cycle that is also an action cycle.

The color that corresponds to and carries the vibration of imagination is crystal clear: Our all-seeing eye must be a clear mirror or doorway to accurately and fully receive the new I Am images imprinted upon our third-eye screen in front of our forehead, which then anchor into the physical body via our thalamus. When our eye is single, our whole body fills with light!

In terms of the Seven Rays of Life, our imagination faculty comes under the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization whose color is crystal clear; and the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing whose color is green and which functions in and through the third eye.

Lord Gabriel is the Archangel of the Fourth Ray and Serapis Bey is the Director or Chohan of the Fourth Ray. Lord Raphael is the Archangel of the Fifth Ray and Hilarion is the Director or Chohan of the Fifth Ray. Hilarion's twin soul is Lady Master Meta. These angels and ascended masters plus the Apostle Nathanael Bartholomew will guide, inspire and transform us during this week's focus on the Christ power of imagination.

Two Thalami

In the current, physically-based anatomical and physiological understanding, the thalamus serves as an integrating center for all of the input of the five physical senses, except smell, which are relayed to the thalamus and from there to the corresponding sense centers in the cerebrum. Not until the sensory information registers in the cerebral centers do we actually see, hear, smell and experience the touch sensations.

Moreover, there are two thalami, one just below each cerebral hemisphere, with the two thalami joined together on their medial surface. (See drawing of the ovoid or egg-shaped Thalamus-Web-Labeled-2 right thalamus that is located below the right cerebral hemisphere.) For more description of the thalamus, see our Mark-Age text Birth of the Light Body, pages 112-113.

What is commonly not known by most doctors, anatomists and physiologists is that the thalamus also serves as a relay station and integration center for the images impressed upon our third eye screen. Invisibly, via the astral body, such images get converted into "nerve impulses" that imprint physically on the two thalami, which relay them to the overarching cerebral hemispheres that comprise our body's central computer. In visions and dreams, we see the new images that we then interpret.

Personal Healing

What is it that still needs healing in your mind, body and soul? Despite all the improvements you have experienced in working the last six months with the preceding six powers of faith, strength, love, wisdom, will and power, some part of you still needs updating, refining, repolishing, reforming, re-envisioning, quickening and healing. So, ponder this. Ask and you shall receive a new image to work with in your daily meditations.

The new I Am image comes from your overshadowing, transfiguring I Am Self and light form, in conjunction with the oversight and influence of various ascended masters and angels; and from the space visitors who have come to planet Earth from throughout the solar system and beyond to implant their vision of spiritual life as they live it in the higher dimensions of their home planets.

While in the process of receiving the new image, you may feel stimulation, activation, pressure or a tickling sort of sensation in your forehead. At other times, the activation is more so, or includes, stimulation or pressure or slight discomfort of your temples -- your thalamus is located centrally in your head about at the level of the temples. Temple stimulation may also indicate a hieronic space beam. Space visitors from Mars, which serves as the primary center of the Fourth Ray for the solar system, may be amongst those who contact you.

 Anchor It & Become It

Perhaps you see a mirror or doorway before you, and when you go "into the mirror" like Alice in Wonderland, you enter a new, expansive world; or in the mirror you do not look like you appear when awake, hence pointing out some new talent or some old soul pattern that needs healing.

In your vision, you may walk through a doorway into another dimension, which is filled with ethereal, bright colors and scenes that convey symbolically what it is that you are to solidify and manifest in your mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical bodies.

Maybe it is like you enter a darkened theater, sit down, get quiet and wait for the screen to light up with an image or images, a short movie. You are in the theater of your soul-subconscious, hence the physical darkness, whereby you may see something new about your past in this life or in past lives that needs to be incorporated consciously and acted upon to heal your physical form. For most of your current illnesses come from the imbalanced memories and subconscious programming from your past, going back eons of time here on Earth and on other planets throughout the solar system.

Multiple Meanings

Initially, you may not understand fully the meaning of the new image--it may take hours, days or even weeks to grasp its message or all the many layers of its meaning. New images typically are like a multi-faceted diamond, in that depending on which facet you look into and through, you see another part of the whole picture.

The new image may apply mostly to you. It may also be a report about others. Or it may indicate something taking place in mass consciousness. For example, if you see an image of your brother, it may represent that part of you that is like your brother, your attitude and feelings about him. Secondly, it also may convey information about your brother. Thirdly, it may represent your work or focus on the brotherhood of man worldwide, all of your brothers around the planet. So, like you do with dreams, consider all three possibilities.

If you are not visually oriented or talented, you may not "see" anything, but rather have a clairsentient inner knowing about how you are to proceed, what you are to do to heal your mind, body and soul. Maybe you clairaudiently hear an inner, non-physical voice, for example hearing a single word or a phrase or an old song that conveys multiple new meanings, interpretations and insights.

Perhaps you receive little in your meditation, but your new image comes to you later when talking to a fellow light worker, taking a walk, watching television, in a dream, or in reading spiritual literature. 

However and whenever your receive it, give it your full attention and energy, so that you can anchor it securely into your consciousness and act upon it. In other words, see it and be it. See the new I Am image and become it by applying your thoughts, feelings and physical actions to it. What you see, will be--in God's good time, way and place.

Imagination & Understanding

As part of this process, be sure to take sufficient time to analyze what you have been given, thereby using your I Am power of understanding that manifests via your five physical senses and the conscious, analytical part of your one mind. Thus, imagination on the positive, male, active polarity must work together seamlessly with your understanding faculty on the negative, receptive, female polarity to give you a whole picture of the world within and around you.

For if you live only in the symbolic world of psychic images and dreams, you may misinterpret or misapply them -- your head may be in the clouds but your feet are not on the ground; you may lose touch with physical reality and common sense. If you are mostly analytical and focused literally on the physical dimension, you are cut off from the guidance of your I Am Self and those in higher planes. You see through a glass darkly, if at all.

Be holistic. Place equal attention on your imagination and understanding powers in order to get the best view of your conscious and subconscious self. Then you will have the most access to and proper application of your superconscious mind, your I Am inspired images.  

New Images for Others

Be guided by Spirit and the agents of Spirit to work with another person for his or her healing. See the person in front of you, a few feet away from you, with the edges of your two auras touching and intermeshing. As you do so, call upon your I Am Self, the high Self of this person and your higher plane teachers and guides to show you the way, to give you a new image or insight, to see a color that you are to apply. Maybe you psychically see some imbalance within the person's aura or you just know inwardly that one of his or her organs is diseased and dysfunctional, so that is where you concentrate your healing transfer.

You are the conduit for the higher new energy, the new image, the new color or thought form that is to be conveyed to this soul before you. See it and be it. See it and then be the clear channel via which this new image is imprinted upon and anchored into the person before you. Do this for as long as you feel guided from within, which is usually not more than five or ten minutes for an individual session.

You can add another healing transfer later in the day or throughout this week, or for weeks or even years to come. Just like you may have to forgive someone seven times seventy times before your full forgiveness takes hold, so may you be called upon to see the new image for the other person multiple times, beyond which you thought consciously would be needed. Most "healing miracles" are those of slow transformation over a long period of time, rather than instantaneous, sudden, full manifestations in the present moment.

Moreover, the initial new image may morph over time, such that it adapts to the ongoing healing needs of the individual. Just as you see different things for a child as he or she becomes a teenager and then an adult, so too do you modify and elaborate upon and add to the key images you initially see for any child of God as he or she evolves spiritually. Be patient, persistent and loving along the way. Deep soul healing especially takes time.

Global Gifts

Give of your Self in healing the whole, holy planet and of all life upon and around it in the astral planes. Give time in your various meditations to receive and send out new images to leaders around the globe, to whole groups of individuals in a particular religion or political system, to the very elements of the Earth. 

As always, concentrate especially on the 144,000 elect, who are your extended spiritual family, your brothers and sisters in the light, those who are at the forefront of the planet's ongoing transmutation prior to Sananda-Jesus' return in his light body. Remember how lonely and isolated you feel at times, and thereby how lonely, isolated and unappreciated or even harmed are those in other countries that have oppressive religious, political, economic and social systems. See the 144,000 lit up with light. See glory on each one's face and love in each one's heart. 

Connect especially with people worldwide who are of the group of individuals or segment of the population that you primarily and most effectively serve, those with similar genders, backgrounds, religions, professions and such. This is the segment of mass consciousness that you particularly can reach, uplift, inspire and bless with new images of light and love. You "know" them because you are like them and they are like you in the challenges they face. You are just a few steps ahead of them in your ongoing spiritual evolution, your climb up the mountain to full I Am consciousness. So you can reach out and down with a helping hand to assist them in their gradual ascent into higher awareness, consciousness and actions.

With natural disasters, see balance being restored. See the whole Earth filled with Christ light such that it helps to allay natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and such. Restore the Earth to harmony and wholeness and balance. 

What you see, will be. What we see together will be multiplied exponentially. What we receive from the angels and masters and space visitors will become reality on and about the Earth.

See and be!

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